Princess Molly...Why not? XP

2017-08-23 23:56:39 by Spikedemonic23



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2017-08-24 14:48:10

Hey hi it's been a long while! Nice smoooth lines, not into anthropomorphic ponies, but I like fine illustrations. Still up in Chi-town?

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Sup dude?! :D Actually I didn't draw this one, I took a screenshot of this from a YouTube series that was originally a popular Tumblr post.
I WISH I drew that well XD

Yeah, it's been alright thanks ^_^ How are things with you?


2017-08-30 02:12:19

The usual: crippling depression, dead inside. Hoping to graduate to mildly normal soon.

Never thought I'd ever know so many ppl w/ art degrees, once upon a time.