My G+ page banner...random lol

2017-02-24 18:01:35 by Spikedemonic23

I am digging this. Swaggg, boi XP



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2017-02-26 17:05:30

to be honest this is a rip off of my shadow kia gadin aka jade lotus if yov.e watched bleach then you know raja abraia's hair style put that on this plus a couple of scars and there you have shadow kia witch I took down 3 months ago..

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Oh, I didn't even know that. I just googled Spike Spiegel and found this wallpaper.
The only thing I did was change the BG color, brighten/desaturate certain areas, and posted it up on my page.
I don't really watch Bleach except a few YouTube videos here and there of some fights. That's it really. Other than that, I dunno.