YAY! I've been scouted!

2013-04-28 18:31:54 by Spikedemonic23

I got scouted so now I can add more art to the portal! Thanks to all who like and support my work!

Please feel free to look through my pieces, give me feedback, and add me to you favs list :P

Thank you again! :D


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2013-04-28 19:12:28

Just got back from Pico day... to an almost dead connection :P Party is still going on!!!
Wow!! Great news, caught your work as it came through the Art portal and everything looks so much better somehow!!

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Nice! Partay!

Thanks! :D


2013-04-28 19:21:48

http://emily-youcis.newgrounds.com/ is still in chat. Amazing work! Shoulda bear hugged her...


2013-04-29 18:12:20


(Updated ) Spikedemonic23 responds:

thank you!


2013-04-30 14:11:58

Was probably a bad time to upload art though :(.... any major holiday, weekend or NG event, there's such a flood of content coming in, I doubt any votes you get (if any) were fair. Mid week is the best time! And the 'guy' below is a troll, so no hard feelings if you were to ban/delete his stuff

(Updated ) Spikedemonic23 responds:

Eh, I dunno I was just happy to upload more work :) I should be putting up more stuff pretty soon and reading more comments and stuff :P


2013-05-02 14:00:13

Congrats! :)

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Thank you!


2013-05-04 16:03:54

It's so great to see your stuff on the mega Art Portal :)

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Thanks, man! I'm really happy too ^_^


2013-05-04 22:43:58

Cant wait to see your next artwork


2013-05-09 23:43:52

Say, you ever fart around with this game?


2013-05-11 08:15:45

Congrats sorry I've been gone for quite a while because my computer broke but im back. nice to see all your beautiful and unique art pieces once again :)

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Thank you kindly good sir! Sorry to hear your computer broke. Thanks for checking out my pieces! :D


2013-05-16 23:55:01

Congrats dude :D

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Thank you for scouting me! :D


2013-06-02 19:29:05

So how's the Summer looking? Any big plans, work?

Spikedemonic23 responds:

Yeah, I got a job working part-time ^_^ I'm thinking of working on another piece, just don't know when to start :P

What r ur plans for summer?


2013-06-05 22:51:12

My plans? All of the above... try and find work, run the farm (while cleaning up and selling the equipment used to run the farm). It's going to be a very atypical year for me :\


2015-10-23 03:57:28

Awesome! I will do just that!

Spikedemonic23 responds: