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heh heh

6/18/13 by Spikedemonic23

Yeah, just wanted to be random XP

heh heh


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That is really good to hear! It's funny, I never had time to write a resume.. I just had work, sometimes a lot, sometimes sparse, but each one got me more noticed and up the ranks. Making nice also helps ;) Heh, creating and cleaning arent much different.. you work from the top down, and make sure all the square inches are just as they should be.



I;m still walking and talking, but, yeah, big changes in my life.

Repainting? Wasn't painted right the first time? Sounds like commercial wall painting as opposed to the fine arts... unless you got a sweet restoration job :)

11/5/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Well, they were like small restoration jobs; I repainted the company mascot and a sign on the front of the store so that was cool. It was nice painting in a semi-secluded area but my co-workers would come by and see me work. I got another piece to work on, just need to figure out how it'll look and work :P



Glad you haven't died yet! What's new on the creative front? Been to any shows lately?

11/5/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Lol! Nah, still alive XP I haven't been to any recently, I'm mostly working and doing some repainting at work :) I'm still enjoying the numbing effect of random streaming on youtube.

How're things with you?

not much how about yourself? its been a while eh?

11/5/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Yeah, been doing stuff :P


10/7/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Sup, mate?

..... XD

10/7/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Hey, wassup?

Well my sister flew in to make sure the farm and all the bits my Pop collected are outta here. She's burning herself out with all the details, of which there are several decades worth. Anytime the last parent dies, it gets dicey with taxes State and Federal laws, sales of assets... truly depressing and sad work.



Hey, good to hear from ya! Ah, there's nothing wrong with fan art, pop icons and such, so long as you're the one interpreting, sketching, and coloring. Mass media, mass appeal and all....

9/5/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Ditto, yo! I like making fan art cuz I appreciate the person/people, cartoon, anime, music, etc. that I dig ^_^

What's going on with you? How r things?



Any progress on unsticking your creativity and computer? I'm going to start lining up parts to build a new one... this 10 y/o laptop I use to get online, loves to cook my hands (microwave radiation through the keyboard).

8/28/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Ooh, that's like what happens to my earphones when I plug it into my speakers comnnected to my desktop---its burns up my buds and ears XP

I'm working on some fanart, mostly drawings.

Why have you put art on hold?

8/7/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

I dunno, but I wanna get back into it. Actually, I just did a random drawing and colored pencil and uploaded it just a few minutes ago. Wasn't able to write a description because my computer's slow and being an ass XP Hopefully I can fix that and my computer.



Keep listening to music! Don't get old and cautious like me :\ Yeah, I need to get my turntable set up again. I even bought some of the albums new, like 'And Justice For All', which was a 2 record set, to preserve the quality and life of the vinyl.

Hm, where would you cosplay, at home, trick or treating? Making steak for dinner?

8/5/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Mmm, me likey steak ^_^

Funny thing I went back to watching the metal videos I religiously watched before and almost forgotten how much I enjoyed and felt the energy from those bands \m/

Oh god, I desire to see Rammstein ever so much! One day...and Slipknot too!!!

What I should be doing is getting back to making art...been putting it on hold for a while :P



How's life been treating you? Women who like to listen to good Metal, are pearls of great worth, hate to think you switched to Top 40 in your absence O_O

7/24/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Whassup whasssup?!?! How you doing, man?

Life's been good. Working, watching vids, thinking of new stuff to work on, relaxing, and repeat lol.

Speaking of metal, I am still a loyal fan\m/
Actually I've been getting in touch with music I listened to long ago and my love for anime. I have a desire to cosplay again XP



My old inside cat cared less! She always wedges herself somewhere, when the lightning comes on.. she surprised me this time. The outside cats just look in the direction of the noise, and either scamper or say fuck it.... same with all the other pests around here :3

Invest in a good pair of reusable ear plugs. Keep your ears safe for blasting German metal music :)
Had some rather concussive mortar fire from the guy up on the corner... shook the paint off the old windows in the farmhouse O_O Luckily the cats knew enough to not run into the road... apparently the 4th is a bad time of year for outside pets and animals

7/11/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Goods metal \m/ I remember one time at a concert my chest felt like it was about to blow up from the blasting speakers lol.

The windows came off, dang. Poor animals, but true not a good time to be out around during the week of the 4th. My cat was terrified and hid most of the night.

My button fly might be open (by a button), but it beats wearing the emperors clothes, like much of our government seems to do :| How goes your struggle for independence?

7/9/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Lol, it was a good 4th of July. First work, then it ended with shooting off fireworks and blowing up firecrackers until eardrums were blown off XP

random is good

7/9/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

tis true XP

just a door



Now that both my parents are dead, my brother and sister are a bit tweaked. I'm poor, heartbroken and running out of money fast. Still getting physical therapy for my back, and due to the legal case, it'd make more sense to find work after ALL my medical treatments (for the car accident over 2 years ago) are completely finished... not that there's any work around here anyway.

Ask a silly question, right?



How's you doing with the race of rats competition? How many hours a week are you working? Staying ahead of the bills?

6/25/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Work's been cool, I work part time about 24, 25 hours a week.

How are things on your end?

Knock knock

6/25/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Who's there? :P



But, I'm wearing button-up fatigues!
And I haven't had a pet fly in some time... old and tasteless trick - you capture a fly, shake it constantly for a few minutes, while it's out, tie a long hair to it's leg, and presto, fly-on-a-leash :p

6/25/13 Spikedemonic23 responds:

Lolol! A pet fly, nice XP. I've never heard of that but I've heard of tying a string to a Goliath beetle. That thing is huge, but gentle from what I read ^_^